Industrial Air Review- Credible Distributors of Panasonic Air Conditioners in Australia

Industrial Air Review- Credible Distributors of Panasonic Air Conditioners in Australia

Panasonic is one of the most trusted and reputed air conditioning brands in Australia. Homes and commercial establishments across the national bank on this highly reliable and credible company for top quality cooling appliances. In order to get the right appliance for your home or business, it is important for you to get an accredited distributor of the brand. The repute of the distributor should be good enough for you to recommend it to others. Panasonic has a number of accredited distributors in Australia and each of them promise to give you exceptional installation and service quality. However, it is only when you opt for their services upfront that you get the true picture!

Checking out these accredited distributors requires time. Here is a review of Industrial Air – an accredited distributor of the Panasonic brand in Australia. Go to this website for more details. Read on to find out how it is different and whether it is worth banking on or not.

Industrial Air – Overview

This Company is a recognised and accredited distributor of Panasonic in Australia. The specialists here are licensed and certified in all Panasonic air conditioning products both old and new. The Company provides single and multiple room air conditioners to customers. It is a member of the specialist air network that Panasonic provides to its customers.


Service Quality

Industrial Air maintains a high level of service quality. It ensures all its technicians and specialists assigned with the task of distribution of air conditioners, their installation and servicing post sales are well trained. This specialist company hires staff members who are experienced in the whole range of Panasonic air conditioners. The staffs are friendly and courteous. They ensure that installation of the air conditioner is done accurately. Once installed, they will also check its functioning before leaving your premises. The accredited specialists also maintain strict control testing when it comes to regular cleanups and hauling during the servicing phase of air conditioners.

Cost and pricing

Industrial Air has a fair pricing policy that is affordable for customers in Australia. The service professionals are timely in response and there is no delay in the rendering of services. All queries are addressed promptly. Their conduct is extremely professional and this is one aspect that sets them apart from the other accredited distributor companies of Panasonic in the region.

Knowledgeable Service Professionals

Industrial Air shares the reputation of being one of the most knowledgeable distribution companies for Panasonic in Australia. Their claims are true. When the professionals came in for air conditioning servicing, they were well informed about the different dynamics of the model. Moreover, they are technically savvy to guide customers on post maintenance and optimal upkeep of air conditioners both for home and office.


The consumer verdict of Industrial Air is positive. This is one accredited Panasonic air conditioning distributor and Service Company that can be relied upon. It is cost effective and considered to be one of the best in Australia today.